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Book Review: Soul Detox: Clean Living in a Contaminated World by Craig Groeschel


For a long time I had been looking for a book that helped me make sense of many things going on in my hamster wheel of a brain.  Seriously…my brain does not turn off.  The switch is broken.  But, I think it’s also “START”-ing to get stuck towards awesome mode but that is another book I need to start and share a review on another time.

I got the chance to listen to Craig share his heart about leadership while attending the Catalyst Conference 2012 at Atlanta.  Much of what he shared was amazing to me.  If a man can communicate like he does he sure must write well too.

I was right.

Right away Craig is able to help put focus on everyday behaviors that must be stopped right away.  Not only are some of these behaviors toxic for ourselves but for others as well.  Craig uses his own ideas and thoughts to help make us better people.  Not just that, he is able to help us find where we can find grace for our lives instead of carrying the baggage of yesterday.

Many of us live each day knowing that there are things in our life that are eroding our soul.  These things tear us up on the inside and we don’t even know where to begin.  This book goes though many of those things that we give the control of our lives to and Craig explains in deep detail on what to get the control back and live under God’s grace.

Each chapter not only speaks to not just how we handle ourselves but also the type of people we allow into our lives.  Craig starts with toxic behaviors then moves to the toxic emotions they create then moves to the toxic influences we must avoid. This is not just a book that talks about finding religion but points towards Jesus the entire way.

Thanks to this book I am able to slow the hamster wheel down just slow enough so I don’t get tripped up into my thoughts.  It helped me bring to life some of the emotions that I allowed to imprison me for a long time.  Thanks to Soul Detox I know I can walk each day in God’s grace and know that I can live my second chance that who I was is not who I am.


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